Marcia Andrews

For Palm Beach County School Board District 6
About Marcia

Marcia Andrews

As our School Board member, Marcia Andrews always makes the health and well-being of all children her number one priority. As a former Teacher, Principal, and District Administrator, Marcia fully understands that every child learns differently and a one-size-fits all approach is not the solution. She uses her insight and experience to ensure all children receive the highest quality education needed to succeed in this global economy.

Marcia was a National Finalist for the 2021 Green Garner Award

Marcia Andrews


Palm Beach County is an A-rated school district

95.9% graduation rate for district operated schools

70% of elementary schools are “A” or “B” rated

Palm Beach County has the highest percentage of A-rated schools compared to other large urban school districts in Florida

Added 110 police officers with at least one officer in every school

Funded over 650 school fine arts, choice, and career academy positions

Marcia Andrews

good news

“There is plenty of good news to celebrate. Our graduation rate is at an all-time high of 95.9%… our school district is A-rated… and we have funded more than 650 fine arts, choice, and career academy positions.”